OPUS MHE Systems and Solutions

The MHE High Efficiency Rectifiers are power supplies designed for use in the OPUS Power Systems range of products. Small, modular units with a wide range of digital communications and standards, they allow us to offer a variety of systems suitable for many market sectors. Used in systems ranging from telecoms to rail trackside, this industrial unit has the flexibility to be built into the complete OPUS HE product family.

One compact system is the HE WMC Wall Charger, a solution consisting of MHE rectifiers and VIDI+ controllers, with connections ready for mains, battery, and load distributions via MCB. It’s a system that, with the use of external batteries, is a ready-made solution for DC UPS requirements. Alongside communications via Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, SCADA IEC61850, SNMP and RS-232, this is a solution that can be installed in existing systems with relative ease.

For large solutions, the MHE units can be used in the HE Bulk Rack systems. These are “building block” systems which allow local integrators to install pre-configured units with readymade cable connections into local systems. For customers that require solutions that can be easily installed with the flexibility for multiple differing systems, this gives options up to 64kW for a range of standard output voltages.

There are also applications where a cabinet is required pre-installed, and the HE OC0864 and OC2066 offers a modular system that is delivered already installed within a Wall or Freestanding Cabinet. When starting a new application or wherein the requirement is for a cabinet supplied system, these ranges offer further customizability of the MHE’s installation. For customers that want one solution ready to be installed, this takes all the advantages of the MHE range and finishes the system in a cabinet.

Of course, it’s not always just DC power that’s required at the source, which is why the OPUS MHE Systems work well alongside the DAC inverter ranges. The MHE and DAC units can be supplied together within the MVPS (Multi Voltage Power System), allowing us to provide the multiple output options in 1 easy to install package. These are also supplied with AC and DC load distribution MCBs, so you still receive a unit that is ready to be installed with ease.

There are many more options available from the MHE range, so if you have any questions or queries that the above doesn’t answer, please contact us so we can help you further.

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