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Enedo | PowerNet

CP Power and Automation Ltd has been supplying PowerNet International products for over 10 years, and with their acquisition by Enedo we are able to continue providing their high-quality products whilst having access to the full Enedo product range. Products introduced by Efore and ROAL Electronics are now under the Enedo branding, so if you have any of these products and need advice or further units, please contact us so we can help you further.

Powernet’s range of products included the ADC range of variable DC power supplies, which are a versatile solution to customers that require a set voltage that isn’t always available from a traditional power supply. Alongside this, their DAC inverters allow modular DC to AC conversion giving scalability and flexibility with numerous mounting options, from 19” 6U rack to wall mounted options.

With Enedo, we are also happy to provide options for the expansive MHE power supplies, used inside the OPUS Power Sytems range. The modular power supplies can be used in compact wall mounted DC UPS systems, or built in to expansive AC or DC output solutions. The flexibility provided by the MHE allows us to offer a variety of mounting and size options to meet many requirements, from purely DC loads to a mixture of AC and DC sources with varying levels of autonomy. For more information on the MHE systems range, please see our Product Focus page for a more in-depth look at the unit and it's capabilities.

Through Enedo, we can supply custom and standard DC power systems, AC/DC power supplies, and LED Drivers which have been used in extensive industries such as telecom, industrial railway and military. Based in Finland, Enedo allows us to offer continued support to customer with Efore, ROAL Electronics and PowerNet products. Please contact us if you have any queries with your existing power supplies and systems or are interested in any of the Enedo brand products.
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