Power Supplies for Battery Tripping Units

Battery Tripping Units (BTUs) are primarily used in industrial systems to protect against overcurrent conditions. Providing a high current load for a short amount of time, battery banks will open or trip breakers in the event of a fault being detected in the system. In all safety systems it’s critical to select the correct battery charger, which is why we are here to help.

Industrial Rack Mount Battery Chargers

Our range of MT power supply and battery chargers are a perfect for use as part of a battery tripping unit. With features such as:
  • 3kW and 6kW HV Modules available
  • Hot Swap Modular Design
  • 19” Rack Mounting
  • Up to 31 units in parallel
  • Available as either a single or three phase module
  • Suitable for use with proprietary DC Controller
With modules available with nominal outputs of 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 60Vdc 110Vdc and 220Vdc, we can offer versatile solutions for your applications.
3 110Vdc Power Supplies in a 19 Inch Subrack

DC Controller for added functionality

The USV6 system of DC controllers is designed to add further functionality to the MT infrastructure. Whilst the MT units have some settings on board, the DC controller allows seamless connectivity with multiple units, whilst adding additional relays and monitoring. 

The USV6H DC Controller alongside USV14 Control Display allows users to control the MT units either physically with push buttons on the front of the unit, or via PC software. Contact us for more information on the USV6H functionality and it’s suitability with your systems.
USV14, a Display with LCD screen and buttons for changing parametersUSV6H DC Controller

Bespoke built solution

When building your own solution is not suitable, with help from our partner cabinet builder we are able to provide a finalised cabinet with all internal wiring, breakers and communications systems in place. As experts in the MT infrastructure, we can setup the units so upon arrival, your cabinets just need connecting within your existing systems for seamless integration. If you need help or advice on changing settings, the software, or anything related to these systems, we are here to help.
Battery Chargers mounted in a 19 inch cabinet

Why choose us?

With 25 years of experience in DC power, we are here to balance the need of industry with the complexities of supply. As engineers first and foremost, our aim is to fix and find a solution above anything else. We aren’t just box shifters, we’re here to guide and advise so if you do have an enquiry please do let us know as we are always interested to hear your projects.

Our wider range of products

As DC experts, we have a wide variety of products and solutions available. Whether it’s an accompanying AC UPS, a frequency converter, or if you need a DC output UPS, we have solutions available. For more information on just some of our product range, why not visit our selection below:
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