Industrial Rectifier and Battery Charger Systems


Industrial voltages range from 24Vdc up to 220Vc, and with CP Power and Automation’s modular systems, high voltage and high current systems can be achieved easily. With a range of sizes and voltages, the MT series of rectifiers and battery chargers are versatile for numerous applications. With up to 31 units in parallel the MT system is scalable with your projects, and with single and three phase input options available these options are versatile.


When an application needs a standalone power supply solution, the MT system can be used without the use of any external DC controllers whilst still allowing key functionality. Output voltage, current limit and more can be set using the DIP switches locally and information shared across multiple units in parallel.
Integrators can set a float and boost charge voltage when required, or simply set the power supply to output at a constant voltage. The MT system can be set as simply as the system requires. If more power is needed in the future, more units can be added easily. As more features are needed the USV6 DC controller can also be added, allowing the system to grow with your own requirements.



When more functionality is required, the MT can be used alongside our USV6H range of DC Controllers. Settings such as output voltage, charging state and current limit can be changed using the connected display or via PC software included with each unit.
Further functionality can be added when required such as:
  • Configurable Relay and alarm Contacts
  • Digital Input Functionality
  • Temperature Sensor Inputs
  • Earth Fault Monitoring
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