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Based in Sweden and specialising in DC power conversion, Polyamp is a developer and manufacturer of both AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC Converters.

With over 50 years’ experience in development and production of DC/DC converters, Polyamp can provide a wide variety of DC/DC converter combinations to high reliability standards. From 50W DIN Rail converters to 1kW rack mount options, the Polyamp range offers numerous options to cover many requirements. What’s more, many of these units allow current sharing allowing users scalability in their existing systems. If you have a requirement for DC/DC converters, contact CP Power (UK Distibutor for Polyamp) with details of your requirement so one of our engineers can help.

Alongside their DC/DC offering are Polyamp’s power supplies. Specialising in high quality rack mounted solutions, customers that require a cassette-style mounting system with H15 connectors can use the PSC range of products. Alternatively, multiple mounting options are available for each of the ranges allowing a traditionally rack mounted unit to be mounted on DIN Rail or chassis mounted making them versatile to your requirements.
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