What is a DC UPS?

DC UPS products are usually requested by customers that may not initially know what a DC UPS is, or does. However, they typically know what they require, battery backup.

So, what is a DC UPS? Put simply, a DC UPS is a DC output power supply that will provide autonomy (backup) to a load in the event of a mains failure. There are several ways this can be achieved so for an example we will use the DCH range, an all-in-one solution. The DCH can take an AC input and provide a DC output to your load, just as a standard DC power supply would. However, it also has terminals on the output to wire to external batteries which it will charge with any spare capacity not used by the load.

So now you have a unit, that is both powering your load and charging your batteries, in a single unit with 1 AC input. When this mains fails, the DCH will switch to the batteries to power your load. It will continue to power the load using the batteries until either the mains returns or if the battery voltage drops too low. To avoid damaging the batteries the DCH will low voltage disconnect, avoiding deep discharge of the batteries.

Unlike AC UPS units, DC UPS typically use external batteries which should give you more flexibility on the autonomy options available. If you are using the DCH series, we can advise on battery sizes and options for your application so contact us with your required voltage, power and autonomy and we can send some suggestions.

Alongside the DCH we can offer redundancy modules, for applications where a power supply system is already in place and redundancy is needed in one part of the system. Or maybe you have a large industrial system that needs redundancy and autonomy built in. We have experience with a variety of industrial DC UPS as well, so if you have any requirements for battery backup, let us know the details so we can send advise.
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