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AC UPS units are uninterruptible power supplies, that will provide a stable AC output when there is a mains or power failure. Available in a variety of form factors, specifications and output sizes, please do let us know if you can't find the product you require.

The types of AC UPS we can offer can be sorted by a number of variables, including:

AC UPS Form Factors:

Tower UPS

A "traditionally" shaped AC UPS, the tower UPS is a rectangular shaped unit designed to be sat next to a computer, or office equipment. Fairly simple, with all of it's electrical connections to the rear of the unit, these can be easily fitted in to office environments easily and at a low cost.

Rack Mounted UPS

Designed to be mounted within a 19" Rack Cabinet. Typically, these are used in server applications, but as we can offer units with over 3kVA output and large autonomy times, it is quite a verstile unit

Rack Tower UPS

Effekta also offers a unit that can be used as either a Rack or a Tower UPS. With it's longer form factor, it can be used for either application above whilst still being easy to install.

Types of UPS

Line Interactive UPS

Line interactive AC UPS are designed such that in normal operation, the output is essentially bypassed through the unit, charging the batteries at the same time. In the event of a power failure, there is an approx 5 millisecond changeover time between the power stopping, and the batteries providing the load. For a lot of applications this is fine as there is capacitance in the system, which allows the process to complete and power from the batteries begin.

Online Double Conversion UPS

For sensitive applications, an Online UPS is more suitable. These units have an internal power supply, so the AC input is convertered to DC, then back to AC again. This is why we refer to the unit as double conversion, as the voltage is converted twice. In these units, the power is continous, and the changeover from the mains AC to the battery supply is seamless.

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