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Battery Chargers
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Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers are our range of AC to DC solutions designed to charge batteries. Battery Charging requirements can be very different across industries, which is why we have a selection of options below that highlight some suitable options.

Industrial Battery Chargers are our main business, and you will find a selection of options as below. From the smaller enclosed solutions from Samlex, to larger, modular systems by USV Power, we are able to offer different solutions based on:

Form Factor:
  • Chassis Mount Solutions - For applications where a battery may need ocassionally topping up, or for applications where manually charging multiple batteries is required, a chassis mount but portable battery charger series may be required. We have experience with many industries, so if you have any questions or concers
  • Rack Mount Solutions - For static solutions that require constant monitoring, trickle charging or maintaining, Rack Mounted modular units may be more suitable. With experience in battery tripping units and high voltage systems, we can provide options and solutions for a wide range of specifications.
Standard Charging Voltages of:
  • 12Vdc
  • 24Vdc
  • 48Vdc
  • 60Vdc 
  • 110Vdc
  • 220Vdc
Further Functionality: 

Alongside and incorporating battery chargers, we can offer further functionality products, such as:

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