MT110V/40A-AN3 110Vdc 40A Rack Mount Power Supply

  • Three-phase, 415Vac input without neutral
  • 19" Rack Mounting
  • Protection for Input and output over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase reversal, phase failure, and short circuit
  • "Hot plug-in"/"Hot swap" design with backplane connection
  • High power density
  • RS 485 Interface for Remote Control, Monitoring and Signaling.
  • Digital display for output voltage, current and buttons for adjustment of values
  • CE Certification for Safety and EMC
  • LED indication for module status reporting

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Output Voltage Output Current Power Mounting Style Input Charging Voltage (Nominal) Max. Current Max. Power
110Vdc 40A 4.2kW 19" Rack Mount 350-460Vac 110Vdc 20A 6000W

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