Metzner Cable Cutting and Stripping Machines

Metzner AM1000 - Cable Cut and Strip Machine

Even though the Metzner AM 1000 is Metzner's smallest model, it's perfectly suited to meet your cable processing needs with its array of features and compatibility with peripheral devices. Included is an exceptional software package.

The Metzner AM 1000 offers versatile processing capabilities across a wide range of cable cross-sections. It handles cables from as small as 0.14 mm² (AWG 26) up to 6.0 mm² (AWG 10), including flat ribbon and Teflon cables.

Equipped with a comprehensive set of interfaces, the Metzner AM 1000 is ready for various feeding devices, winders, stackers, and printing technologies. This flexibility allows you to easily transition from a table model to a fully equipped processing line.

User-friendliness is paramount with the Metzner AM 1000, featuring a standard tilting 12″ color touchscreen and a consistent graphical user interface shared with other machines, ensuring seamless integration with your team. Additionally, the software for creating cable lists is included as standard.

Check out the AM1000 in action here: Metzner AM1000 Video


Matzner AM3000 Range

The Metzner AM 3000 cable cut and strip machine models stand out for their power and versatility, making them the preferred choice for a wide variety of cables:

  • High flexibility, one machine is capable of processing cables from 0.5 to 70 mm² section (21 AWG-00 AWG). With no optional equipment required
  • Blades and Guides can be replaced without tools
  • Higher productivity due to processing speed of up to 180 m/min (591 ft./min)
  • Specially designed Rotary Cutting Unit (for difficult to strip cable) (Click Here: Rotary Cable Cutting)
  • Wide range of pre and post-production equipnet for full integration
  • Increased processing thanks to the "Metzner double knife", where the knife, not the cable, changes path.
  • Gentle material processing, reducing cable damage, because of special belt transport system
  • Opotional feature to strip inner conductors (Click here: Inner Conductor Stripping)

Metzner AM5000 Range

Capable of processing cables up to 185 mm² (350 MCM) cross-section. The machine has all the power it requires (no need for any extra "boost units")

The AM5000 Cut and Strip Machines offer:

  • Industry leading power, capable of dealing with cable diameter range up to 35 mm diameter and 185 mm² section.
  • Fully featured software (no upgrades needed)
  • Full cross compatability with all Metzner peripherals.
  • Ultra precise multi-step stripping thanks to the “Metzner double knife” as a standard to increase versitility.
  • Extra long feed belts for smooth production
  • Printer is placed close to cutting head for reduced waste.

The entire AM5000 series of cable cut and strip machines can be customised to your individual needs.

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