Wall Mount, Desktop and Plug In Power Supplies

Power Supplies are available in a wide variety of form factors, sizes and mounting options, but the power supply you are most likely to use on a daily basis will be plugged directly into a wall socket. Adapter and desktop power supplies go by a wide variety of names, but put simply they plug in to your mains socket, and provide an output either via a socket for USB or a cable connected to an output jack.

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  Wall Mount Power Supply

Wall Mount power supplies are small “plug-in” power supplies that are mounted directly into or on a wall socket. Sometimes these are called adapter power supplies for this reason, and can be space saving as the power supply is fully enclosed within the form factor of the unit. These then output a DC voltage to either a output jack or connector, or in more modern times, a USB. Most likely, you will have a number of these in your home as a phone charger!

Desktop Power Supply

A desktop power supply, also referred to as a power brick or Lump In Line, are enclosed power supplies which take an AC input typically provided by an input connector cable, to a DC output typically provided by an output jack. These differ in that they don’t “wall mount” like the above, but do use an AC input from a socket to power them. These make them very useful for office and home use, and you’ll most likely have seen plenty of these to know how they work!

Output Connectors and Output Jacks

One of the most important parts in selecting a power supply is the output connector, or output jack. Most of our in stock power supplies utilise a 2.1x2.5x5.5mm connector jack, but there are a wide variety of connectors available. For larger outputs, there are also 2.5mm jacks, along with DIN connectors and a wide variety of proprietary options.

Trying to work out which connection you need isn’t easy, so if you have questions or concerns on what you are looking for, please contact us with photos or details of your system so we can help you further.

Custom Power Supplies

With so many variables, from adapter or desktop, to voltage inputs outputs and connector jacks, we appreciate finding the correct part can be difficult. With years of experience and partnerships with numerous power supply manufacturers, we are able to provide custom and modified adapter power supplies from your specification. You can read more about this here, or feel free to contact us for more information.

Power Supply Terminology

For simplicity, you’ll find a wide range of our wall mount and desktop power supplies in our adapter page. This includes:
  • Adapter Power Supplies
  • Wall Mount Power Supplies
  • Desktop Power Supplies
  • Power Bricks
  • Plugtop Power Supplies
  • Lump In Line Power Supplies
Whilst the terminology isn’t used as much in the UK, sometimes wall mount power supplies are referred to as wall warts! This derives from larger power supplies, such as older AC linear units, being a large “wart” blocking access to AC sockets next to it. This may not happen so much on a wall, but it can happen in extension sockets. We prefer to use AC adapter on our site, but please do let us know if it is a wall wart you’re looking for!

25 Years of Power Supply Expertise

CP Power and Automation has been providing power supply advise and and expertise for 25 years, and the full range of adapter power supplies is no exception. With adapter power supplies in UK stock from Manufacturers such as Stontronics, Mean Well, Sunny and more we aim to give fast, reliable service whilst still offering genuine advice from Power Supply experts. We are not just box shifters, we are engineers here to help, guide and learn your requirements to ensure you get the best solution the first time. 

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