Custom and Modified Adapter Power Supplies

Whatever name you give adapter power supplies, the type of power supply that plugs directly in to a mains socket, it’s obvious to see there are a wide variety of options and requirements available. From small 5W USB chargers, to larger 100W+ desktop solutions, this form factor has a wide range of applications and uses.

Whilst we offer a growing range of power supplies, there are situations that require a customised or modified solution. As experts in DC power, we have strong relationships with power supply manufacturers that allows us to offer both bespoke solutions and slight alterations to existing units.


Interchangeable Heads, Plugs and Blades

Smaller adapter power supplies, or wall mount PSUs, connect directly into a socket. Whilst usually these are sold with a UK socket here in the UK, there are many reasons why an alternative or even interchangeable plug would be more suitable.

Sometimes referred to as blades, we can offer most internationally recognised connectors and plugs. If you require a power supply for your product that is sold across the world, we can offer solutions that meet your varied customer requirements whilst only needing to keep in stock a single PSU.

Output Jack and Connector Options

Whilst we offer the most “standard” connector outputs from stock, there are countless jacks, connectors or plugs available across the globe that makes getting a replacement frustrating. We offer solutions available from stock or through custom orders to ensure that regardless of the type of connector needed, our customers find the perfect fit for their requirements. With our diverse range of options, we strive to eliminate the frustration of sourcing both replacements and new applications, providing seamless solutions for all applications.

DC Output Voltage Options

Possibly the most important part of the power supply, the output voltage. From the traditional 5Vdc for USB to more complex USB C charging voltages, DC voltage options evolve and change. Whilst standard voltages such as 12Vdc and 24Vdc remain popular, we do see more niche requirements ranging from 3-24Vdc that can be met.

DC Power Experts

We can provide solutions that change or modify existing units, or even work from your specification from scratch. With access to products from Mean Well, Stontronics, and our close partners Sunny Euro, we have a wealth of products and the knowledge on these products to back this up.

As experts in DC Power, we understand the needs of your customers along with the challenges of power supply sourcing, so let us solve your power supply issues and questions for you.

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