Frequency Converters, what we need to know

We frequently will be asked for a device that will change the frequency of a customer’s products, for a variety of different applications and requirements. We can provide frequency converters, that will take your AC input (either single or three phase) and provide an output with a differing. As our converters change the voltage as part of the conversion process, it is possible to provide a unit that provides both a different frequency and voltage output. For example, a common requirement is to provide a 120Vac 60hz output for powering US electronics, something we can provide a solution for.

The frequency converters we can offer are bespoke and made to order so there’s a few things to keep in mind. To specify a frequency converter, we would typically require:
  • The input voltage and frequency
  • The output voltage and frequency
  • The amount of power drawn by the load in kW
  • Information on the load, or what the frequency converter will be providing power to
As different applications draw power in different ways, it’s helpful to know as much information as possible on your load.

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