110Vdc and 220Vdc DC UPS Systems

The MT Series of power supplies, alongside the versatile USV6H DC Controller allows us to offer a wide range of customizable DC solutions. One solution we get asked for frequently is to use the battery chargers as a DC UPS system, which alongside a suitably sized contactor can be achieved with the MT and USV6H.

The USV6H can be used to change a variety of settings on the MT series of power supplies, whilst adding further functionality including relays to the system. As each relay can be customized with a range of attributes, users can set a relay to switch when a voltage minimum is reached. Using this for the battery voltage allows us to add a low voltage disconnect, protecting the batteries and completing the DC UPS cycle.

When using the USV6H, settings such as output voltages are controlled via the DC controller, and this in turn can be set using PC software. For many applications this will be set to the desired requirements and left as configured, but with configurability via PC or external display controls, the unit is very flexible in it’s setup.

To guide users, we have further information available in the manuals and drawings as below. Alongside this, we are able to pre-set the USV6H to your requirements, so all the software is to specification before the units arrive.

If a 110Vdc or 220Vdc DC UPS system is something you require, please contact us with more information on your requirements so we can help you further.
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