PART NUMBER: PSB 11500-60 4U

PSB 11500-60 4U 1500Vdc & 60A 30kW Bi-directional Power Supply

  • Wide Range AC Input (342-528Vac), for opperation on 400Vac and 480Vac Grids
  • Bidirectional (source/sink) - Power Supply and DC Load in one
  • Energy Recovery with High Efficiency
  • Flexible, power regulated DC<->AC Stage
  • Various Protections (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
  • Intuitive TFT Touch Screen Controls
  • Remote Sensing with Automatic Controls
  • Integrated Function Generator
  • Photovoltaic array simulation, battery test
  • Optional Digital Interfaces
  • LabView Supported with VI Package

Max. Voltage Max. Current Max. Power
1500Vdc 60A 30kW

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