PART NUMBER: EA-EL 9080-510 B (3U)

EA-EL 9080-510 B 80Vdc & 510A 7200W DC Load

  • Wide Range AC Input (90-264Vac)
  • FPGA Based digital control circuit
  • Multilingual colour touch screen panel
  • Extensive function generator
  • Adjustable Protections: OVP, OCP, OPP
  • Operation Modes:
    • Constant Current (CC)
    • Constant Voltage (CV)
    • Constant Power (CP)
    • Constant Resistance (CR)
  • Galvanically isolated interfaces (USB and analog)
  • Master/Slave bus for parallel connection
  • Slot for a wide range of industrial interfaces (see datasheet)
  • SCPI and ModBus RTU/TCP command set
  • Labview VIs and remote-control software (Windows)

Max. Voltage Max. Current Max. Power
80Vdc 510A 7200W

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