DDH300A48 12Vdc to 48Vdc 300W DC DC Converter

  • Switch selectable:
    • ‘Low’ output voltage (for use as a DC power supply)
    • ‘High’ output voltage (to float charge a lead acid battery from a battery.)
  • Galvanically Isolated
  • Efficiency: typically 80% at full load
  • Substantial Input Filter
  • Stabilised output voltage
  • 2 :1 Input voltage range
  • Convection cooled
  • Weight : 1.8kg
  • Dimensions : 242mm x 170mm x 65mm
  • Input & Output vis Screw Terminals
  • Protection for :-
    • reverse polarity on input and output
    • input under voltage (shutdown, auto re-start)
    • output over voltage (shutdown, auto re-start)
    • short circuit output (electronic current limit)

Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Power Mounting Style
10-19Vdc 48Vdc 4.25A 300W Chassis

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