ADC4370/96 110Vdc 7.5A Power Supply

  • Output Range - Wide output adjustment range: 0…144Vdc
  • Control: Analog control by external 0-5VDC voltage
  • Charging Options: Temperature-compensated charging, sensing as an option

  • Alarms: Power fail relay alarm

  • Larger Output Connection: Master-Slave connection available

  • High Voltage Output: Adjustable up to 144Vdc, ideal for high voltage applications

  • Versatile Voltage Settings: Easily set to 96Vdc for product testing or other needs using a potentiometer

  • Compact Form Factor: Delivers high voltage in a small, easy-to-mount chassis

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Output Voltage Output Current Power Mounting Style Input
110Vdc 75A 800W DIN | Chassis 230Vac

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