Metzner Variocut Metzner Rubber Cut to Length Machines

Metzner produce three popular table top cutting machines which are versatile and easy to use:


The ultimate cutting solution that lives up to its name by effortlessly slicing through a diverse range of materials: profiles, pipes, tubes, plastics, foils, cables, and wire. This state-of-the-art automatic variable cutting machine operates at an impressive speed of up to 140 cuts per minute, making it a top-tier choice for efficiency. Its versatility extends to handling materials up to 95 mm wide and 30 mm high.

The user-friendly design of the VARIOCUT universal cutting machine adds to its appeal. With a simple operation, the material is automatically clamped once the belt feed is lowered, and the pneumatic pressure ensures a secure grip, eliminating the need for constant adjustments by the operator. Tool changes are a breeze, as the tools can be effortlessly inserted and removed by hand, requiring no additional adjustments. Moreover, this cutting machine seamlessly integrates into production lines and offers a variety of cutting knives, including punch, shear, and draw options.

Metzner ST-OB

ST-OB stands out as an all-in-one solution, functioning seamlessly as a film cutting machine, rubber cutting machine, and plastics cutting machine. Renowned for its exceptional durability and robust build, this machine has consistently proven its success in the market over the years, finding applications across various industries.

Primarily designed for precision cutting of low cross-section materials with high cutting forces, the Metzner ST-OB caters to a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from electrical and automotive sectors to the production of blood bags. To accommodate specific requirements, it is also available in a stainless steel version.

Equipped with stamp cutting, shear cutting, and tube cutting options, the Metzner ST-OB ensures precise cuts in low cross-section materials across diverse industries. Noteworthy technical features include a hand crank that enables operators to finely adjust the pressure applied to the material via the feed belt, allowing for adaptability to batch variations or changing conditions.

A distinctive feature of the Metzner ST-OB is its specially developed pneumatic cylinder, optimized for both cutting speed and machine power. This cylinder facilitates faster venting, ensuring an improved cycle rate. The machine is available with punch, shear, and draw cut options, providing versatility in cutting applications.

In summary, the Metzner ST-OB, with its solid construction and enduring design, stands as the preferred choice for automatic film cutting, as well as precision cutting of rubber and plastics.

Metzner KL-BV

Excels in precision cutting of soft and highly elastic tubes, making it the perfect choice for medical tube cutting applications. Its capabilities extend to industries with similarly exacting requirements.

Operators have absolute control over feed pressure, ensuring that feeding doesn't result in any crushing or slippage. Thanks to its ultra-slim blade (as thin as 0.1 mm), tube integrity is preserved during the cutting process. Moreover, the angled blade design minimizes deformation pressure upon contact with the material, with the angle adjustable based on material thickness. For even gentler cutting, an optional feature includes blade moistening.

Featuring speed control, the Metzner KL-BV offers precise cutting with tailored feed speeds. This ensures enhanced length accuracy, especially beneficial for smaller tubes, such as those measuring 30 mm in length. It comes equipped with punch, shear, and draw cutting knife options.

Available in stainless steel and clean room versions, the Metzner KL-BV can also be supplied with an electric drive to reduce its carbon footprint. These features collectively make it a versatile and environmentally conscious choice for medical tube cutting needs.

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