Gate Automation


Power requirements for gate automation can vary from project to project. CP Power and Automation can supply many of the key components required for your different loads and power autonomy. From DIN mounter power supplies to AC UPS units for existing application, we can offer OEM

DIN Mounted Power Supply

For many applications, 12 or 24Vdc power supplies are required to power switchgear integral to opening and closing of the gate. We can provide a wide variety of power supplies to meet various output and physical requirements, so if you do have a specific requirement let us know so we can help you with this.
What’s more, with our own range of Reign Power DIN Rail power supplies, we can offer OEM quantity pricing and work with our customers to ensure your stock requirements can always be met. With UK stock, we have the capacity to send units direct to site so speak to us today about helping you with your applications.   


For 12Vdc, 24Vdc and 48Vdc applications, the DCH range offers a small and simple option to add redundancy in to your systems. With a 230Vac input the DCH has outputs for batteries and DC load, so simply add your batteries and connect to your load and the DCH will charge your batteries and supply your load.
In a mains fail situation, the DCH will automatically switch to battery power and supply your output load. To preserve the lifespan of your batteries, the DCH will cut off supply to the load prior to deep discharge.

For integrators using DIN Rail, the DCH can be mounted on DIN Rail along with CP Power’s DIN Rail Battery Holder. For more information on sizing your DC UPS system, contact us with your load requirements and required autonomy so we can help you further.


For applications that require multiple voltages, or where redundancy needs to be retrofitted, an AC UPS can be the solution. We have many different sizes and technologies we can offer, and multiple options for expanded autonomy time. if you are looking to add redundancy in to your already existing systems, please contact us with your load size and autonomy requirement and we can suggest options for you.
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