ADC7480HV (3200W)

ADC7480HV (High Voltage) Variable Power Supplies

ADC7480HV (3200W)
Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet Further Information
ADC 7480HV/2203200W Power Supply 0 - 320V, 0 - 14A outputClick for datasheetEnquire Here1
ADC 7480HV/2803200W Power Supply 0 - 420V, 0 - 10A outputClick for datasheetEnquire Here2
ADC 7480HV/5603200W Power Supply 0 - 840V, 0 - 5A outputClick for datasheetEnquire Here3
ADC 7480HV/9003200W Power Supply 0 - 900V, 0 - 3.5A outputClick for datasheetEnquire Here0

Product Summary

The ADC7480HV series is a series of 3000W High Voltage variable power supply units which offer a lower cost alternative to the traditions Programmable or Laboratory type of power supply. Providing upto 900Vdc, these units are very versatile for test and R&D purposes. These units can Each unit has a variable output which is controlled by a trimmer on the front of the unit.

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