Quad Output

Quad Output Chassis Mounting Power Supplies

Quad Output
Part NumberPowerInputOutput 1Output 2Output 3Output 4Datasheet Further Information
QP-150-3A150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A3.3Vdc, -15A12Vdc, 3-5A-5Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-200-3A200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A3.3Vdc, -20A12Vdc, 3-8A-5Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
QP-150-3B150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A3.3Vdc, -15A12Vdc, 3-5A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-200-3B200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A3.3Vdc, -20A12Vdc, 3-8A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
QP-150-3C150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A3.3Vdc, -15A15Vdc, 3-5A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-200-3C200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A3.3Vdc, -20A15Vdc, 3-7A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
QP-150-3D150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A3.3Vdc, -15A24Vdc, 3-3A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-200-3D200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A3.3Vdc, -20A24Vdc, 3-6A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
QP-200-3E200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A3.3Vdc, -20A24Vdc, 3-6A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
RQ-50B50W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 0.5-6A12Vdc, 0.2-1.5A-5Vdc, 0.5-1A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here50
RQ-65B65W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 0.5-8A12Vdc, 0.2-3A-5Vdc, 0.5-1A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here65
RQ-85B85W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 2-10A12Vdc, 0.3-4A-5Vdc, 2-1A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here85
RQ-125B125W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 2-12A12Vdc, 0.5-4.5A-5Vdc, 2-1A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here125
RQ-50C50W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 0.5-6A12Vdc, 0.2-1.5A-5Vdc, 0.5-1A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here50
RQ-65C65W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 0.5-8A12Vdc, 0.2-3A-5Vdc, 0.5-1A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here65
RQ-85C85W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 2-10A12Vdc, 0.3-4A-5Vdc, 2-1A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here85
RQ-125C125W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 2-12A12Vdc, 0.5-4A-5Vdc, 2-1A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here125
QP-150A150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A12Vdc, 0.4-5A-12Vdc, 3-2A-5Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-375-5A375W85 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3.5-40A12Vdc, -16A12Vdc, 3.5-6A12Vdc, -3AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375
QP-375-5B375W85 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3.5-40A12Vdc, -16A12Vdc, 3.5-6A5Vdc, -3AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375
QP-375-5D375W85 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3.5-40A12Vdc, -16A12Vdc, 3.5-6A24Vdc, -3AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375
QP-375-5C375W85 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3.5-40A12Vdc, -16A15Vdc, 3.5-4A15Vdc, -4AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375
RQ-50D50W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 0.5-6A12Vdc, 0.2-1.5A24Vdc, 0.5-1A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here50
RQ-65D65W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 0.5-8A12Vdc, 0.2-3A24Vdc, 0.5-1.5A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here65
RQ-85D85W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 2-10A12Vdc, 0.3-4A24Vdc, 2-1.5A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here85
RQ-125D125W88 - 264Vac5Vdc, 2-12A12Vdc, 0.5-4A24Vdc, 2-2.5A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here125
QP-150D150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A12Vdc, 0.4-5A24Vdc, 3-3A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-200D200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A12Vdc, -7A24Vdc, 3-6A-12Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
QP-375-5E375W85 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3.5-40A12Vdc, -16A24Vdc, 3.5-4A24Vdc, -3AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375
QP-150C150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A15Vdc, 0.4-4A-15Vdc, 3-2A-5Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-150F150W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-15A15Vdc, 0.4-5A24Vdc, 3-3A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here150
QP-200F200W90 - 264Vac5Vdc, 3-20A15Vdc, -6A24Vdc, 3-6A-15Vdc, -1AClick for datasheetEnquire Here200
QP-375-24B375W85 - 264Vac24Vdc, 1-10A5Vdc, -16A12Vdc, 1-4A12Vdc, -4AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375
QP-375-24C375W85 - 264Vac24Vdc, 1-10A5Vdc, -10A15Vdc, 1-4A15Vdc, -4AClick for datasheetEnquire Here375

Product Summary

To find the unit most suited to your requirements simply look in the model table above, and for more detailed information please view the relevant pdf data sheet or fill out and submit the contact form. The list above is a summary of our more popular models, and does not include every unit available. Please just ask if you have a requirement for something not listed above.

If you would like to discuss your application in more detail please call us on +44 (0) 2476 214799 or fill out and submit the form on the left of this page.