7DC AC Inverters

DC to AC True Sinewave Inverters

DC to AC Power Inverters from C P Power & Automation all provide a true sinewave output generated from a DC source, and come in 2 basic mounting formats, either for chassis mounting or for rack mounting. Many of the rack mounting inverters have output synchronisation and can therefore be wired to operate in parallel for higher power applications up to 30+kW, or coupled for n+1 redundant systems. Static Switch / Bypass options can be built in or provided as standalone units.

Also available are combination units which incorporate both battery charger and inverter function into one unit, These units enable savings of money, space, wiring and system complexity.

Chassis Mount DC/AC Inverters

150W - 2000W

Input voltages 12 - 48Vdc, Output voltages 110 - 230Vac, 50/60Hz.

Rack Mount DC/AC Inverters

1000VA - 30kVA

Input voltages 24 - 220Vdc, Output voltages 110 - 230Vac, 50/60Hz. Modular systems

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