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Combination Battery Charger / Sinewave Inverters

Part NumberInput VoltageInverter Output Rating Continuous (Surge)Charger OutputDatasheet Further Information
C13129.5 - 17 Vdc Input230Vac 1300W (3900W)0 - 55 AClick for datasheetEnquire Here0
HPC25129.5 - 17 Vdc Input230Vac 2500W (7500W)0 - 100 AClick for datasheetEnquire Here0
C232419 - 34 Vdc Input230Vac 2300W (6900W)0 - 55 AClick for datasheetEnquire Here0
HPC402419 - 34 Vdc Input230Vac 4000W (12000W)0 - 100 AClick for datasheetEnquire Here0
C354838 - 68 Vdc Input230Vac 3500W (10500W)0 - 50 AClick for datasheetEnquire Here0
HPC504838 - 68 Vdc Input230Vac 5000W (15000W)0 - 80 AClick for datasheetBuy Now0
HPC704838 - 68 Vdc Input230Vac 7000W (21000W)0 - 90 AClick for datasheetBuy Now0

Product Summary

Combination Battery Charger / Inverter units are designed to save, time, money and space when implementing a battery based DC backup system. The charger has an adjustable current limit and can be set to suit the ideal charging current required by the batteries. The unit then charges the batteries when the mains is present and produces a 230Vac True Sinewave output when the mains is absent. The battery charger and inverter functions can also be used on their own if required.

To find the unit most suited to your requirements simply look in the model table above. For more detailed information please view the relevant pdf data sheet.

If you would like to discuss your application in more detail please call us on +44 (0) 2476 214799 or fill out and submit the form on the left of this page.