Battery Backed 24V DC Supply for Rail Application

Rack Mountded 24Vdc DC UPS for Rail Applications

Battery Backed 24V DC Supply for Rail Application


The customer required a battery backed 24Vdc 20A supply for an on board application to power track monitoring equipment. There was limited space available within the 19” cabinet (5U max), so the requirement was fit the largest battery possible within the confines of the rack.


Our engineers designed a 19" Rack Mount DC UPS Solution. The system operated from a 230Vac mains input and provided a 22A 24Vdc output with an integral 24Vdc 15Ah Battery, all fitted into a 3U 19" Chassis. The rack was ruggedised to comply with the requirements of EN50155 for shock and vibration.

All the connections are made at the rear of the rack and both the battery and main power output are protected with easy to change fuses. The system also provides a 30A low voltage disconnect relay to protect the battery in the event of prolonged discharge.

A full range of signals are available via a set of phoenix terminals, including mains fail alarm, DC OK signal and battery low alarm

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